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The Top 3 Warning Signs of Florida Divorce | Brodie & Friedman P.A.

By December 3rd, 2019Uncategorized

In recent divorce news, former Vice-Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin, learned her husband was filing for divorce via an email. 

Within a week of the couple’s 31st anniversary, Palin heard the stunning news: “I thought I got shot.”


Rather, relationships from Alaska to Florida fray a little bit at a time until the remaining marital threads become too painful for one spouse to hang onto any longer. And while it may be the actions of one party to initiate divorce proceedings, the motivation for doing so is generally the result of shared behavior. 

Todd Palin noted an “incompatibility of temperament between the parties…find[ing] it impossible to live together as husband and wife.” This may explain why Mr. palin felt he must break the news by email rather than doing so face to face.

This admission has the characteristics of a marriage beyond repair, yet Mrs. Palin suggests the relationship is not over and that the two will continue marriage counseling. While therapy is an appropriate first step when a relationship “hits the skids,” the former Governor of Alaska may have another reason to seek therapy over court: Palin’s High Value Net Worth, estimated at $12 million, will figure heavily in the proceedings.


While the circumstances of every Florida Divorce are unique to each couple, there are three tell-tale questions to ask yourself if you find that you and your spouse may be heading toward separation. 

1. Does Everything Turn Into a Fight? 

A healthy relationship in Florida must make room for discussions of difference that provide a healthy outlet for feelings that may otherwise turn to unhealthy criticism of one party by the other. Many common issues, such as parenting, work/life balance and money concerns often prevent couples from setting aside time to discuss their feelings in a constructive manner. When there is no regular outlet for Florida couples to productively vent frustrations, the tendency is for these feelings to erupt all at once with so much energy that is not possible to achieve a productive conclusion. Hurricane, anyone?

Every explosive fight a couple sustains does irreparable harm. While it is possible to go on and live happily after the occasional fight, it is not possible to do so when a big fight becomes part of the weekly or daily routine.

2. Is There Resentment?

Resentment occurs when one’s interest in the emotional well-being of their spouse wanes and eventually becomes non-existent. At the outset of a relationship both parties are far more willing to accommodate for their spouse’s needs and make common sacrifices, such as shared debt and financing of education or mortgages, etc. 

However, without a mutual awareness in the investment of your partnership, it is possible to develop feelings of resentment towards your spouse. Such feelings do not automatically lead to fighting, but they certainly are corrosive to the growth of your marriage.

3. Did One Spouse “Break the Deal?”

While all Florida Marriages are equal in the eyes of the law, each couple draws their own outline for how it will play out and establishes “Deal-Breaker” issues that must never be crossed. Common marriage deal-breakers include infidelity, emotional and physical abuse, and drug or alcohol use without the desire to address addiction. 

It is worth noting that deal-breaker issues almost always stem from or build on existing issues of fighting and resentment. Emotional disengagement is the hallmark sign of one spouse’s willingness to break the deal.


If you feel that you and your spouse may be heading toward divorce, do not wait to seek legal counsel—and do not inform your spouse via email! The sooner two sides can come to terms about divorce, the better the opportunity for less-hostile divorce proceedings. 

However, just like a hurricane brewing off the shore of West Palm Beach, Florida, the smart thing to do is hope for the best and plan for the worst.

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