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Since October 2008 when Florida’s new parenting plan law came into effect, divorcing parents and their lawyers no longer argue about child “custody” and visitation issues. Instead, they work together to develop parenting plans that describe in detail the ways parents will share responsibility for their children’s upbringing and schedule the time each parent has access to each child.

What continues under the new law are several important principles about divorce and parenthood: Children of divorce must be given every opportunity to benefit from frequent contact and substantial relationships with both parents. Generally, divorced parents should share responsibility for raising their children. Conflicts between the parents are to be resolved according to the best interests of the children involved.

Our advice and representation will cover such matters as:

  • Your obligation to work with the other parent toward an agreed parenting plan
  • What a parenting plan must contain
  • Your options if an agreed parenting plan cannot be worked out
  • The role of a parenting coordinator to help you reach agreement
  • The details of time-sharing arrangements
  • The best ways to deal with problems such as substance abuse, domestic violence or other circumstances that could affect time-sharing rights and interests under a parenting plan

The main focus of the new parenting plan law is to help parents work constructively toward shared responsibility for their children’s daily lives and long-term development.

Brodie & Friedman, P.A. can help clients work through the new system in cases where the parents are substantially on the same page, in situations where a few tough issues could be hard to resolve, and in high-conflict cases where one parent or the other needs to work on some serious problems before a secure relationship with the child can be assured.

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