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Divorce and Family Law Mediation in South Florida

Depending on where your case is pending and what issues are involved, it might be necessary to take a disputed matter to mediation before a family court judge will hear and decide it. The lawyers of Brodie & Friedman, P.A. can help you get the most out of the mediation process whether or not it leads to a settlement of your dispute.

For dependable advice about Florida family court mediation, contact our office in Boca Raton. Our familiarity with the process and negotiation tactics can give you an advantage on the full range of divorce and family law issues:

A skilled mediator can help the parties resolve their dispute by keeping the focus on the issues rather than the personal problems they might have between them. A mediator can also identify promising avenues of agreement or compromise, and build toward a negotiated agreement on the foundation of common interest.

Our role as your attorneys is to help you develop initial and fallback negotiation positions from a legally and factually sound platform. You’ll develop your own priorities and objectives for the mediation session based on what can reasonably be achieved.

While a favorable settlement through mediated negotiation is a good thing, you shouldn’t feel that you need to resolve the dispute through mediation. A mediator can’t force a settlement. We can help you tell the difference between reasonable and unreasonable proposals, and we won’t urge you to take less than what you deserve if your legal position supports a better result.

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