Court Orders Enforcement

Enforcing Custody, Alimony & Child Support Orders in South Florida

Whether due to changes in circumstances affecting their ability to follow court orders, or because they willfully choose not to follow the order, people don’t always follow through on their commitments. Florida laws provide a remedy for the enforcement of child or spousal support orders that go into unexcused default as well as for the enforcement of child custody/parenting plans that have been violated.

Our Attorneys Advise Clients on Either Side of Enforcement Proceedings

If you have questions about falling behind on your child support payments or you need assistance enforcing a court order for alimony after the divorce is final, our Boca Raton order enforcement lawyers at Brodie & Friedman, P.A., can advise you of your rights and options. Call 561-392-5100 or contact our family law firm online to arrange a consultation.

Alimony and Child Support Enforcement

Our attorneys represent clients who need help enforcing a child support or alimony order as well as individuals who are facing enforcement and contempt actions for failure to pay support.

Falling behind on payments?

If you go into arrears on your child support or alimony payments, you will probably get a reasonable chance to bring them current. If you don’t take full advantage of the opportunity, however, you could face serious consequences that could follow you for years. Failure to pay child support or alimony without a solid excuse is treated as a contempt of court, which can land you in jail. While our South Florida child support enforcement lawyers can work with you to help avoid the worst potential consequences of contempt, it is better to address financial concerns affecting your ability to pay before the problem gets out of hand. We can assist you with a request to modify court orders for support.

Need help enforcing support orders?

You and your child depend on the financial support you receive through court-ordered alimony/spousal support or child support. When those payments do not come on time, or they do not come at all, it can be difficult to manage your day-to-day financial obligations. Our child support and alimony enforcement attorneys can assist you in filing an enforcement action. Additionally, if the other party had the ability to pay and he or she willfully chose not to, we can assist you in pursuing an action for contempt of court. We can help you obtain the financial support you need through court-ordered wage garnishments and other methods.

Effective Guidance With Parenting Plan Enforcement

Both parents have a right to share meaningful relationships with their children. When time-sharing is denied, it affects both the parent and the child. Our attorneys at Brodie & Friedman, P.A., handle parenting plan enforcement cases involving:

  • Parents who wrongfully deny visitation rights/time-sharing rights
  • Parents who repeatedly refuse to take part in parental time-sharing
  • Parents who choose to relocate with the child without prior consent or court approval

We are adept at negotiating solutions, such as a change in time-sharing to better accommodate the needs of the parents and the children, and we offer experienced advocacy in court to enforce the existing order.

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Our lawyers provide knowledgeable and experienced representation to clients who need advice about the most effective ways to enforce their child support, alimony or parenting rights, or defend against them. For additional information, contact Brodie & Friedman, P.A., in Boca Raton.

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