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The divorce lawyers of Brodie & Friedman, P.A., provide residents of Boca Raton & Palm Beach the strongest divorce and family legal team in the region

The needs of our high net worth clientele extend well beyond the ordinary and we meet these needs with unsurpassed commitment to client success and privacy.

“We understand the financial and emotional issues of our client’s divorce and family cases, and work to protect our clients’ property, assets, and interests upon divorce.”

Our Family Law Firm is committed to advocating for Florida families located in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. We offer alternative dispute resolution services, mediation, child custody, and collaborative family law, as well as court representation and fight for rights. The process of obtaining a divorce lawyer is a painful time in anyone’s life. At Brodie & Friedman, P.A., we understand the emotional toll that it can take and we work to minimize its impact as much as possible while ensuring that both parties are treated fairly.

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Brodie & Friedman P.A. are fully committed to serving every client need with:

  • Personalized attention to your case
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  • Diagnostic and comprehensive explanations of your rights and options

  • Dynamic solutions to difficult situations and complex problems

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Boca Raton and West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyers

Brodie Friedman Marital and Family Law Attorneys have offices in Boca Raton, but we accept cases in West Palm Beach and throughout Southern Florida.
Because Florida is a no-fault divorce state, anyone can file for a divorce at any time and for any reason. But while that may seem to make divorce easier, it is not always the case. If there are children involved, time-sharing and child support will be issues that need to be resolved. If one of the two divorcing parties has a high net worth, that can complicate the process even further.
The Boca Raton divorce lawyers at Brodie Friedman PA are experienced in asset characterization and helping our clients protect their future regarding the division of pensions and retirement and investment accounts.

Handling Complex Divorces in South Florida

In the best of all possible worlds, a divorce happens quickly, with everyone remaining friends. Unfortunately, that type of divorce is very rare. That’s why someone seeking a divorce needs a top Boca Raton divorce attorney, and by the same token, that’s why the other party in the divorce needs an excellent attorney as well.
At Brodie Friedman Marital and Family Law Attorneys, we work to seek the best possible outcome for all parties affected by a divorce. We particularly specialize in father’s rights when it comes to time sharing with their children, and parental relocation issues should one parent move out of state.




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